Your challenge

During energy transitions the evolving policy, technology, and regulatory landscapes create uncertainty that can delay action. Nevertheless, organizations need to demonstrate their commitment to reducing the emissions intensity of their activities and products to remain competitive in a decarbonizing world.

This requires short-term actions and long-term strategy development.

Our specialties

CarbStrat specializes in carbon management and industrial decarbonization. Our comprehensive services are designed to help organizations navigate their unique decarbonization journey.

We offer expertise across the policy, strategy, and commercial spheres and can support capacity development initiatives.

CarbStrat can be your guide to low-carbon operations

Examples of our services


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  • Review of energy and decarbonization policies and regulations
  • Assessment of planned policies and regulations
  • Evaluation of broader policy landscape and how it relates to decarbonization and energy transitions


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  • Development of organizational or asset-specific decarbonization roadmaps
  • Tailored recommendations for organizations based on evolving policy frameworks, emerging technologies, and low-carbon market development
  • Alignment of business strategies and decarbonization objectives


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  • Business model assessment and design for carbon management projects
  • Stakeholder, supply chain and value chain mapping
  • Project-specific risk assessment in the context of policy, regulatory, and market uncertainties

Capacity development

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  • Customized training programs and Q&A sessions tailored to specific organizational needs
  • Facilitation of knowledge-sharing sessions
  • Technical training programs on carbon management and industrial decarbonization

Working together to translate your decarbonization ambitions into action

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to energy transitions

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